Thursday, June 3, 2010

Royal co-op

Hello to everyone out there! Hope your co-op is going well and that your are learning a lot about the industry as well as about yourselves.

As most of you may know, I am working front desk/guest services at the Royal Scot Hotel. The people I work with, are easy to get along with, helpful and approachable. If I have a question or make a mistake, I never feel awkward or uncomfortable to ask for guidance. With that said, I am happy with my co-op and consider this a good place to start a path in the industry.

It's been a little over one month since I have been a part of the Royal Scot crew and after all the training, it amazes me that I am still learning something new EVERY DAY. For example, when a guest checks in, we need to take their credit card for an inprint and at check out, for the most part, guests will use the same credit card to pay for the bill but sometimes not. In this case, when settling the transaction, I should enter sale instead of force in order to balance when cashing out at the end of the shift. Well, I didnt know this until a couple a weeks ago. Yikes! What a time consuming process to balance out! Another time, I accidently gave keys to a room which wasnt yet ready for use! Oops! But after the mistakes, I am obviously more cautious and believe that you cannot learn without making mistakes. When I first started, I couldnt even talk to the guest while doing a transaction, but now, I can chat away in whatever language needed and do check in and check outs with relative ease and confidence.

To my delight, I have been able to use all languages I know and am appreciated by both my employer and guests. This makes me smile and reasures me that this is the right industry for me.I have been told by a guests that Iam the most knowledgable in terms of dinning and my name is always a conversation starter with out visitors. What makes me the happiest, are the sincere thank you's I get from our visitors

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